Our team is passionate about new technologies. We strongly believe in the benefits they can bring to our lives and our clients operations. That is why we decided to create a R&D department.

The R&D unit mission is to scan the market, search for opportunities both in new solutions and in market niches to create, develop and support the growth of disruptive technologies in the green energy field. Below you can find areas that we are currently active in.

Please bear in mind that we are open to new possibilities. If you are at any stage in development of a new technology and looking for a partner, who could help you implement it, or find a bridgehead market, or maybe you only have an outstanding idea, but you are just as passionate as we are in the green transformation - reach us!

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Hydrogen - the fuel of the future

The entire world hungers for increasing amounts of energy. Rising greenhouse gas emissions constantly motivates us to search for new green technologies. Currently, the most recognizable in this field are: wind farms, photovoltaics and marine current power. Amongst those, another promising, environment-friendly source emerged: green hydrogen. Properties of hydrogen are giving a chance to solve problems of new climate politics and of the growing demand on renewable energy. Main advantages of this chemical element are:
  • Ability to storage energy, which could solve the problem of unstable renewable energy sources,
  • Green hydrogen does not emit polluting gases during combustion or production - water is the main side effect,
  • It can be used on many economic areas like: energy, industry and transport,
  • Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe.
Our experts constantly explore the newest improvements in hydrogen technologies. We believe that every opportunity to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases leads us in the right direction to full environmental protection. With development of technology we are ready to take this kind of challenge. Experience and commitment of ENMARO guarantees effective cooperation in your projects implementation.

UAV Operations - deploy the drones

Offshore industry is known for harsh working conditions and a very limited number of specialists due to their narrow specialization and unprecedented responsibility. All of that makes human labor extremely costly, but at the same time unavoidable because of the necessity of periodic inspections. As the world is becoming increasingly aware and responsible for our planet, the number of offshore wind farms and other green energy sources is rapidly increasing. With the increasing amount of offshore wind farms and the high labour costs, the eyes of the whole market are on drones. Drones seem to be the perfect solution. They are relatively cheap to maintain, very precise, error-proof, time efficient, able to reach places unavailable for humans and what is the most important, using drones puts no human life in danger. The main tasks drones are able to perform are:
  • Regular inspections
  • Documentation of damages
  • Gathering data for predictive maintenance and digital twin creation
  • Monitoring of construction phases
  • Delivery of packages (e.g. medicines)
We strongly believe in the benefits drone technology could deliver for our customers. That is why we, in collaboration with our partners, are developing a dedicated solution - a drone with a docking station. The drone is able to land automatically on a boat or a vessel equipped with a docking station. The docking station enables automatic battery replacement in the UAV and 24/7 operation without human intervention. If you are interested in collaboration on this project or you could benefit from any of the above-mentioned UAV services feel free to reach us!
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