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Along with global climate changes taking place around the world, the growing populations and with them increasing energy demand, the search for new sources of energy has become inevitable.

Thanks to the cooperation of developed countries, including Poland, it was possible to create climate agreements and eventually established new direction of acquiring energy coming from offshore wind farms.

A new trend has been clearly outlined, in which "green energy" will play a significant role among conventional energy and sources such as wind, hydrogen, sun will permanently find the space in our energy environment.

Having an extensive offshore experience and in order to meet these needs, we have founded ENMARO. A company created to support our clients in the implementation of the strategic projects in the segment of renewable energy and located in the offshore coastal zones.

Since a long time, we have also been present in the segment of conventional energy, based on hydrocarbon resources where together with our client’s, we develop offshore projects in the field of oil and gas exploration, drilling, transport and storage, including LNG.

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